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Library Cards
Required Information
    All California residents ages 18 years and older may obtain a library card. Simply complete an application and present your picture ID showing your current address to the library check-out desk staff members. There are four different applications:

Adult (18+) English             Juvenile (17 & under) English

Adulto (18+) Español           Niños (17 años y menores) Español

Proper Identification
    Your current California driver’s license is our preferred picture ID, but one of the following may be used in its place: 

Address Verification
    If your picture ID does not have your current address, you will also need to bring one of the following items as address verification: 
  • Credit card statement with address 
  • Current utility bill 
  • Mail received at the given address
  • Printed personal checks 
  • Vehicle registration or insurance card
    Children under 18 years of age may receive a library card if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian providing the same ID as above.